Why visit Morocco ? The name means the Kingdom of Morocco the west, is a country with many cultural and architectural treasures. The two most visited cities Fez and Marrakech, they are located between the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic. Then there are the cities of the coast are beautiful places to visit, especially for lovers of beaches and surf, because no need to go to California for surfing , there is nearest .
If you want out of your all inclusive and visit the most typical places, you must follow a dress code. It is in Islamic countries, we are visitors and we must show them the respect they deserve. Although it is hot Shorts , camisoles , t- shirt, and everything that would make you a super cool person in Las Vegas, should stay at the hotel . Ladies avoid showing your best side , it could excite you enter ... is not it ?
Before booking your accommodations make sure your holiday does not fall during Ramadan. Because it will be difficult to find restaurants open in the evening , the day is worse. Now , the most popular locations; Marrakech , Rabat, Fes , Casablanca and Surfers we speak of Essaouira and Dakhla.
We searched and we suggest what we believe to be the best of Morocco

Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech

 Jemaa el Fna is the heart of the city or town if you prefer Medina . Day , it is rather calm, flat desert. From 17h , it comes to life ... it's like in the movies ; snake charmers , jugglers, monkey leash, chiromanciennes , tellers , tattoo artists and so on. At that time the place buzzes with life , music and chefs who prepare food in the open, they are itinerant restaurants that guarantee an animation unusual .
There is a kind of typical local entertainment and has changed little since the medieval era. At around the square with cafés where you can enjoy the show at a reasonable distance .
Expect you to ask for money if you want to take pictures of the street artists.

The Majorelle Garden
Marrakech is always the Majorelle garden , this wonderful botanical garden is the work of Jacques Majorelle . This passionate painter botanical, will create a lush garden that will somehow its brighter picture. His work will be an ongoing work that will take place over forty years , new varieties of plants from five continents will be continually added. We need the current portion Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint-Laurent , who made the acquisition in 1980 to restore the site and restore the luster of yesteryear. The place is located in the north west of the city and 30 minutes walk from the Medina . It is the ideal place to find peace, serenity and discover plants in this island of freshness that can not grow in a climate like this .
The Majorelle Garden
Rue Yves Saint Laurent , Marrakesh , Morocco
+212 5243-13047
The Museum of Marrakech
  The Marrakech Museum : Located next to the Madrasa , Marrakech Museum offers contemporary art as traditional . Unlike Western museums, except the Guggenheim in New York , the main interest of the museum lies in the architecture of it . The Marrakech Museum is housed in the palace Dar M'Nehbi . This palace built in the late nineteenth century , reflects the palatial architectural art of an era . Mehdi Mnebhi , former defense minister Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz , built this palace for housing, as well as his wives and servants , of course.
This is a great building, beautifully decorated with woodwork around windows and painted designs reminiscent European art , with a large patio area, providing privacy to its occupants. The steam which is accessed via the main lounge because women at that time did little came home, it is an architectural work by its ornate carved plaster domes and douiria which has become a contemporary art gallery . Collections Omar Benjelloun Foundation are, to varying degrees , witnesses of the history of Morocco . They meet the criteria museum , namely the rarity, quality and representativeness.
These collections have been acquired in recent decades and are gradually enriched . They include the following sets ; Archaeological party that includes especially the Islamic currencies. This collection reflects the main characteristics of Moroccan mint since the first Islamic principalities (8th , 9th and 10th centuries ) until the 20th century. And ethnographic objects , including ceramics, pottery, jewelry , weapons , costumes , objects of Jewish worship , doors and other objects .
To complete the museum has a large section dedicated to contemporary art . The collection includes as diverse as those of R'bati works , Cherkaoui , Gharbaoui , Benallal , Bennani, Belkahia , Chaibia Lakhdar , Drissi , Nabili , Binebine , Yamou , Lahbabi ...
Place Ben Youssef, Marrakech- Medina , Morocco
+212 5244-41893
visit Rabat
 Rabat is a coastal city and capital of Morocco since 1912 and has a population of one million addition to its prestige , it has a pleasant climate throughout the year, a privileged location on the edge of the Atlantic, a story of a rich exceptional. It is quieter than Casablanca, behind the walls of the necropolis of Chellah you will find a pleasant and airy city, it has many historical attractions , among them the Oudaïas Kasbah , built in the mid 12th century and the Hassan Tower, which was supposed to house the largest minaret in the world and nearby is another of the main attractions of the city, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V , built in the 20th century.
Its coastline stretches over 60 km of coastline where sandy beaches alternate with rocky coves . If you are looking for before all the rest in an environment conducive to this place , you should consider Rabat. For surfers , you should know that the beach smugglers offer a consistent surf , the best time of the year, winter. You must have your equipment because there is no center nearby. However even in Rabat , you will find the Laalou Avenue , Medina Surfing Association.
Urban side , take the time to discover the Cosmopolitan Restaurant , Avenue Ibn Toumert , users are unanimous , this is a Must.


 This town is made ​​of this factory that made ​​the legends , it is located at the northern end of the country and this is the gate of Morocco to Europe. Fast ferries cross the 14 km of the Strait of Gibraltar, in less than 35 minutes. If you plan to visit Morocco with your vehicle and what is Tangier you arrive . It is the fifth largest city in Morocco in terms of population.
Among the many tourist attractions, you will find the archaeological site of Cotta . Located near the Caves of Hercules , the site Cotta is the remains of a Roman fish salting factory , manufacturing garum (a sauce made
​​from fermented fish) and salt dispenser , all dating from the first century BC . Moroccan Museum of Art is housed in a former palace which is superb . The main advantage of the museum is the building that houses it. The objects presented are interesting mainly focused on local history.
Markets " souks " abound in Tangier. They are installed in almost every neighborhood. We find every product imaginable , the great Socco is probably the largest and best known. In the covered souk, you can find everything you need. It houses the market for fruit and vegetables, the corner butcher , one of tripe , fish market , bazaar shops overflowing with merchandise .
A change of scenery is guaranteed.

Spend a relaxing evening in the Hammam
  A hammam is a dry steam bath and a place for personal care , do not expect to experience very smooth as you would find in 5 star hotels and riads in some . This is very different spas found in North America and some parties of Europe, the concept dates back to the time when the Romans built great public baths in the center of cities under their control. The Arabs had preferred to build smaller and spread over the entire city , as the Roman balnea .
Here are a few sentences the procedure if I may say so . First 15 to 30 minutes , depending on the link to practice endurance , sauna . Sweating prepares the skin for a deep cleaning. Then a small 15 minutes lying on the ground , the masseuse applies throughout the body the traditional black soap as a mask. This is is a plant based paste and pulp oil black olives, often scented with eucalyptus , which softens the skin and prepares to scrub blowing dead cells thereby facilitating a deep exfoliation. You see the style , then proceed to scrub masseuse whole body with a special glove hammam pancake called kassa .
Although it is unnecessary to mention , there is no question of going to the Hammam with a sunburn , anyway!
Staying in a Riad
  Staying in a Riad is part of the Moroccan experience , it's a bit like a Moroccan living or at least feel a little some thing . Riads are family homes used for hotel , the majority are located in such centers ; Fes and Marrakech, so you will be at the center of the action, if that is your intention.
Most have a fountain surrounded by an interior garden , it is also possible to have the most desirable option to have a roof terrace . It's great to have breakfast on the terrace with a view of the city.
If you plan to go there in the summer, check the availability of a Riad with swimming pool, the most luxurious even have a steam room ... at least the steam part ... in fact it is a sauna, voila!

An excursion to the Atlas
If you want to escape from the mob of tourists and discover the magnificent scenery , you could plan a trip to the Atlas Mountains . Because if you have decided to visit Marrakech you will discover that the place is the starting point for a host of excursions. This is where you find the highest peaks of North Africa, Oukameden is a ski resort that is operation from January to February . If you do not ski made ​​, it is recommended to travel in the region from April to May The accommodations are basic and you meet friendly people and who live the simple traditions.
The Ourika Valley is accessible from Marrakech, for a one-day excursion . Besides visiting Berber villages , you can go hiking, mounting biking and even horseback riding. Although you can , if you have the adventurous fiber you want to go alone , it is highly recommended to go by bus and in groups with a guide there . Because the signal is for all practical purposes non-existent and there is the language barrier. It should be noted that one end of the valley is Setti Fatma and her 7 falls.
Prepare a tagine in Essaouira

A Tajine is both a flat hollow earthenware cooking , topped with a conical lid and the dish that best culinary know-how of Morocco set. L'Atelier Madada allows tourists to learn some aspects of Moroccan cuisine. The workshop is housed in a former almond warehouse, with stone arches. Under the supervision of a leader and of course a trilingual translator you will discover the secrets of Moroccan cuisine . In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere , the workshops of a half-day teach you to make a full meal tra di ¬ ¬ ¬ nel that you can then easily copy for your friends. Tagines , couscous, pastillas or gazelle horns will have no secret for you, except that find the gazelle horns to the super market can be more complicated than finding the Hoi sin sauce
After lunch , you can, if you wish, enjoy a tour of the souk during which you will complete your knowledge of spices, regional products and you might even to acquire a tagine dish cooking course . Essaouira is a beautiful city located on the coast 185km west of Marrakech and 405Km south of Casablanca
The Atelier Madada
5 bis, rue Youssef el Fassi
Tel: +212 5 24 47 55 12
How to talk about Morocco and Casablanca pass over in silence. The cinema has always exploit the name of the classic Warner Bros. in 1942 , through the Marx brothers and insipid imitations that have followed , Casablanca sounds like a place where it is woven all sorts of stuff. But when is it?
First good Casablanca is a modern city and the economic center of Morocco , is the main port of the country. Tourist attractions side there is the Hassan II Mosque , the third largest in the world and it can hold 25,000 worshipers. It is possible to visit the interior for a non- believer, which is rare in the Islamic world , and only group with a guide. For many a visit to the mosque is sufficient to justify the stay in Casablanca. Place Mohammed V worth a visit, and the Museum of Judaic Moroccan culture and the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart , the latter is no longer a place of worship but an art gallery .
Rick 's Café , existed at the beginning of the film as we speak of the legendary Café as

seen in the classic 1942. Thanks to Kathy Kriger , an American who had a vision , there is now a real Rick 's Café Casablanca. They paid special attention to recreate in detail the set of the film , so for fans of Bogart , here is another destination that awaits you at Casablanca. Play it again Sam
Rick 's Café
248 Rue Sour Jdid , Casablanca , Morocco
+212 5222-74207
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This is a Moroccan city located on the Atlantic coast 508 km south of Casablanca, 173 km of Essaouira, and via the A7 motorway at 235 km west of Marrakech, in the region of Sousse. Agadir is the capital of the administrative region Sousse -Massa- Draa and seat Agadir Ida Outanane Prefecture .

It is also one of the main urban centers of Morocco , seventh agglomeration of the country after Casablanca , Rabat, Fez , Marrakech , Meknes and Tangier. The population density is quite high . Three languages ​​are spoken in the city : Arabic (mainly Darija , the Moroccan Arabic dialect ) ; the tachelhit (or Berber) and French .

 The city of Agadir is a very recent appearance in town . Almost entirely destroyed by an earthquake in February 1960, the city was rebuilt in a modern city plan . The old Agadir, there are only the ruins of the Kasbah .The destruction of Agadir is a shock to the whole Morocco . The words of the late Mohammed V mark the beginning of a national challenge : " If fate decided the destruction of Agadir, its rebuilding depends on our faith and our will." Inducted a year later , the young king Hassan II demonstrated the same determination as his father and Agadir rising from the ashes two years later


The city of Meknes was founded in the twelfth century by the Kbila ( tribe ) Berber " Meknassa " from the east of Morocco and choosing the edge of the wadi " Boufekrane " to install . She received the sultan Moulay Idriss Idrisside founder of the first Moroccan state to 8 th century AD . The historic city of Meknes or Ismaïlienne capital is one of the four imperial cities of the Kingdom of Morocco (Fez , Marrakech and Rabat ) makes it a vivid example of the rich architectural evolution in civil works, military ( kasbah ) and also art . 

Chronology of dynasties in Meknes :

The Almoravids (1053-1147) : Are the founders of the mosque Najjarine and traditional hammams . Sultan Yusuf Ibn Tachefine founder of Marrakech adopted the strategy of building food for the army and also sheds for storage of weapons . Almohads (1147-1269) : founding of the great mosque by Mohamed Nasser 1199-1213) and completed by Sultan Abu Youssef . Establishment of the educational edifice Medersa Bou anania by Sultan Abu anan . Mérinides (1269-1374) : their time, the historic city of refugees gathered Andalusians and Jews held by Christians. The reign of Abu Youssef (1269-1286) experienced by the foundation of a kasbah , a Medersas (authentic Koranic school) and other socio-economic structures such as hospitals . Alawites : the arrival of a young sultan to the throne, Moulay Ismail (1672-1727) chose Meknes for the foundation of the Alawite dynasty. After fifty years of reign , Moulay Ismail , used thousands of black slaves and prisoners to build structures reflecting the Alawite prosperity. Kasbah , mausoleums, lovely gardens , a pool tank , mosques, spacious palaces, impressive granaries, stables for horses fabulous purely Arab race, and the gigantic walls, 1 6 meters thick and length exceeding twenty-five kilometers
surrounding the imperial city crossed by a series of beautiful monumental gates . These walls are home to incomparable buildings including Medersa (school) and mosques ( holy places of prayer) . In addition there are Fondouks (hotels for traders ) including Fondouk Hanna henna and Fondouk Lihoudi for Jewish artisans.After the death of his father in 1727 , Moulay Abdellah ( 1757-1790 ) son of Moulay Ismail completed the path setting buildings Alawites .The imperial city has historically experienced a natural disaster in 1755 is that of the earthquake that struck leaving negative damage. During the French protectorate 1912 - 1956 , Meknes had several names: " The city of minarets percent." "Little Paris " . " Versailles of Morocco" "Meknes , the capital of beautiful doors ." 

The city of authentic art museum:

The architecture works in Meknes has always been rich in decoration , designs and authentic Islamic sculpture. Doors with arches opening chicane broken and slightly overridden coupled with a lofted bend decorated with interlacing el diamonds. The registration large banner is treated excised ceramic and topped with a row of jagged battlements . Chiseled wood or lined with carved plaster and painted a thousand colors ceilings, and marble mosaic covering the floor, Zellij Beldi ( traditional tiles ) covering internal walls and exterior walls painted lime. Wooden doors decorated with metal geometric objects. Wooden windows with stained glass windows protected by wrought iron fences . 

Nowadays ... 

Meknes is currently divided into two cities , an ancient city that still retains traces of the Alawite dynasty and another modern ( named Hamria ) . Both are based on the banks of the valley ( wadi ) Boufekrane giving a moderno Meknes - authentic style. Currently religious and cultural city of Meknes monuments undergoing restoration in charge of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs under the protection plan Meknes . To make it a bit of its history there shine UNESCO listed town of Meknes Universal Heritage of Humanity in December 1996.llage


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